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Laser Terms and Conditions

Follow the guidance below and then "Click to Accept" at the bottom of the page to proceed.


Please read and understand the documents linked below and if booking for a group please ensure all players have read and understood them also, print off and distribute if required.  If accepting on behalf of under 18's please ensure they have also understood rules and risks and that their parent or guardian has been provided with a copy of these T&C's. By proceeding past this page you have agreed and accepted on behalf of all players in your group (along with their Parent or Guardian) that they have been fully understood and agreed to all documents, rules and safeguards.


You will be meet at the entrance to the site and checked-in.  Those not pre-booked may not be able to play that day.


Risk Management & Disclaimer Form

Coronavirus - Our Safeguards

UK Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF) – Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Safety Briefing

  • Instructions on how to use Laser guns will be given on the day by the marshal.

  • All instructions from marshals must be adhered to

  • Laser skirmish is a non contact game. No physical contact will be tolerated.

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