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New to Holmbush Events:

Woodland Laser Skirmish

With the very latest generation, light weight infra red laser guns you'll feel like your gaming for real.

The future is here....


What is Laser Skirmish?

  • It’s your favourite computer games in real life!

  • Electronic respawns and medic stations to help you in your campaign.

  • Zombie mode, Domination, T.D.M and so much more!

  • Pin point accuracy at 500 meters. Every gun has a red dot site attached.

  • No goggles needed to play.

  • Impossible to cheat.

  • Spectator friendly – watch the games in total safety.

  • All the excitement of paintball without the pain or mess.

  • Adrenaline filled, clean, harmless skirmishing for ages 6 and over.


How much does it cost?

  • Just £23 p.p. with no additional or hidden costs.

  • Your 2 hour skirmish includes complimentary beverages.

  • Camouflage overalls and hats included.


Is there a minimum group size?

  • The minimum group size is 6 but we can accomodate smaller groups. Please call for availability 01293 852 131

  • For private events a minimum group size of 30 is required.


What is the minimum age?

  • We host events for ages 6 upwards.

  • If your children are younger please call for information of our special young gun events.


What type of guns do you use?

  • We use the latest generation outdoor lasers.

  • They give you armour and health points at the start of each game.

  • The armour regenerates when you are in cover.

  • Interactive technology that tells you how much armour, ammo and health you have left.

  • Game break down of who shot you and how much damage each person took from you.

  • Tells you who got the final shot to take you out of the game!

  • 100% individually programmable armour, health and damage points means we can have all ages and abilities in the same game.

  • Adults will have reduced armour and damage points making it harder for the big kids (dads and mums) playing in the parties!


Is it safe?

  • Yes 100% safe!

  • There are no projectiles and the guns use infra red not class 2 lasers. They’re as harmless as your TV remote control but a lot more fun!!!


Can we hire the guns to use at our own venue?

  • Yes! Please call us to discuss your requirements.

  • A deposit and proof of Identity will be required prior to collecting the equipment.



The future has arrived……

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